a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.

Hello, everyone!


We’re both taking a bit of a back-seat today since we’re going to be up all night biting our fingernails over the UK General Election. If I’m still sober, I’ll be turning this into a live-updates post (because I can if I want to, is why)!

Love you lot loads. We hope you voted for the best future for our nation.

We might be back in a few hours once the numbers start coming in!


Azure-Winged Magpie… up. Up! And AWAYYYY! bonk! OWWW!




2319: It seems this election might have a few surprises in it, according to latest reports!

2324: Two seats for Labour, so far (the first two in the country). As usual, the Tyneside are the first to announce counts. We could all do with some Tyneside efficiency in our lives!

2335: Labour might have just won the third seat yet announced. AND THEY HAVE! 

0035: Labour leads 6-2 so far!

0202: Labour still leads!

0318: Still going strong for Labour!

0347: Seems like everything is going decent so far for Labour. 

1000: Well, this post was a disaster. We couldn’t keep up the updates for a number of reasons. 

Anyway: the results are in. It’s a Conservative majority. 

We’ll leave all personal opinions (and discussion) about that aside for the moment. All I’m going to say is: I’m pretty sure this is the end of our live threads. This just didn’t work out at all. 

See you lot soon (with something that actually works)! 

1005: Screw what we said above (be gentle!). It’s been confirmed that we have a HUNG PARLIAMENT! 

Twice in just a few years… How exciting! 

2 thoughts on “ Team Update: The UK General Election Live Updates [2017] ”

    1. We actually used to live in Maidenhead. Tiny, but fun place. I wish Lord Buckethead had won. Stronger candidate IMHO.

      Liked by 1 person

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