a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.


The Bad News

First. We got bad news, folks. The Crow went and broke the nest. And I hit back and broke things worse. The super-team-up of the Crow and the Azure-Winged Magpie has come to an end. We’ve not done no posts in forever. This starship is dead in the water. No dilithium. Warp coils dead. Force sapped dry. Radiation levels at minimum.

I’ve been moving willy nilly and the Crow’s off being “busy”. Old names are back, and new ones have left us. Everything looks glum.

But wait…


The Good News

We’re still here!

The Crow and I’ve achieved Star Peace. We might not be… well. We can still work together. And while it’s gonna take us a wee bit’o time, we’re going to start off with a BANG.

We’ve finally, finally, FINALLY sorted out our authors. They’ve been understanding and have been a real joy to work with. Once the first short story is up, we’re going to release the rest on a weekly release schedule. The Crow’s ended up taking point on all of our money matters, and we’re good to finish up the rest of our obligations.

And ALSO: We’re back to reviews! Now that I have time on my mitts, I’m going to take point on this one. The Crow has finished his Star Trek reviews, but hasn’t gotten around to sharing them about yet, so expect them around soon.

For now, that’s all I got. You lot be good. And don’t you worry. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programing, soon.

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