2017’s scorecard by the the team.
(ft. the Azure-winged Magpie and the Crow!)

So, we’re still trying to sort ourselves out for the relaunch of The Corvid Review, but here’s something we should have done months ago. But it’s Oscars night, so let’s get to it!

(And don’t you lot worry. We’re at peace! And we’re going to come back strong. But… just for right now, let’s get our scores for the year put up in all their glory!)

Here’s the top 10 movies (or close enough to 10) of the year according to the both of us here on The Corvid Review. These aren’t handed out by the scores we gave the films, since we didn’t cover everything. But this is what we think the best films of the year are.



The Crow’s Top films of the year are:

Note: I haven’t watched all the most-decorated movies released this year. I’ll list out those I’ve seen according to how I think they rank, so this list shall remain incomplete.

The list ends here, since I don’t think there are any more I can rank for the year in total. I quite dislike putting superhero movies on these lists; however, I think that the three I’ve mentioned are worthy of special mentions for a variety of factors.

The Corvid Review - Blade Runner 2049


WORST MOVIE OF 2017: The Mummy [?]


I don’t know exactly which movie I’m going to nominate as the absolute worst of the year. But I’m just going to put The Mummy up there since that’s the only one I’ve seen that deserves such a tut. It’s probably not the worst movie of the year, but I haven’t watched that many of last year’s garbage movies.

And that’s me.

Over to the Azure-Winged Magpie for the rest of the list.

— Crow out


The Corvid Review - Blade Runner 2049



Wooo! I have a bigger list! And I ain’t done seen most of these things neither! But I have a bigger list. It’s big. Like, White-House Orangutan’s bombs big!

And here it is!

My Top 10 films of the year are:

WORST MOVIE OF 2017 [TIE]: Justice League & The Emoji Movie


Far as Justice League goes… I’m gonna drop pretty much the same thing I said about Suicide Squad last year:

So annoyed with this film. Such an great okay concept. Such shitty delivery.

And don’t get me started on The Emoji Movie. It was a proper piece of


Special mentions: The Mummy & Alien: Covenant.

So annoyed…


So there we are!

We’ll be back soon with a lotsa reviews! Hope to see you soon. Expect Corvid domination once again! We’re here to take over!

Hope you lot have been good!

— A-W Magpie out.

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