a MASSIVE Team Update by the Azure-WingedShimmering” Magpie!

Someone‘s gettin older!

Jus‘ like he did last year… the Cap’n’s gone and levelled up again, you lot! He still doesn’t have a walking stick or anything (we’re working on getting him one!) but he’s like… real ancient these days. So let’s all get together and wish him a BIGFAT…


(◔◡◔) !

So this year… I couldn’t really come up with a picture BUT I went ahead and had another drawer draw mister Cap’n for this blog post. And… DAMN it fits right in with the other pictures we have on here! SEE what I have to go and do since you won’t draw yourself mister?!

YOU GET A MAGIC CARD TOO DOPEY (I’ll send you the full picture later when it’s done. My drawer’s gone MIA. I need to go hunting…)!

(And any chance we’re getting new pictures from you for the blog this year mister Cap’n? I kinda want that redesign done before we… EVOLVE.) Go have lots of cake! Get fat and try and not be miserable like you are every year! Get all nice chubby so we can cook you up in our witches’ oven later that you’re nice n’ happy!

So yeah… one more time!


(◔◡◔) !

Everyone go get cake and celebrate the cap’n’s birthday (even though it’ll be yesterday by the time most of you read this! Go and have a nice day (indoors! INDOORS!) to make up for the Cap’n being miserable like he loves being on his birthday.

Now back to you readers for a few tiny updates!

I kinda thought the cap’n would be busy working on a few blog posts for this week but it looks like I was wrong. I’ll be dropping in with another post in a few days to keep the blog flying on fine. We’ve got a lot coming up (and two HUGE announcements) so don’t you lot worry! There’ll be a lot of reading to do on The Corvid Review in the next few days! The Crow’s been hiding a few things for me but I FOUND OUT about them… so I’ll be announcing that thing too!

And before I skip out, let’s remember that…


…I can be a very good drawer too (jus’ didn’t have the time this year)! 

the Crow and the Azure-Winged Magpie

See you in the next one!
Everyone have a great Captain Crow Day! 

Azure-Winged Magpie up! Up! And Awayyy! *BONK!*

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