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a (rather short) review by the Crow.

Captain‘s log, Stardate 97700.89: Last week, I may have gotten a little carried away with speculation when discussing the larger games at play behind the scenes in Star Trek: Picard. And this week, I’m quite surprised to see that my speculation has not gone to waste.

This week, we are treated to what could easily be described as a “filler episode” — in which the series continues to set its stage. New characters are established, and new directions are taken. And so, without further ado, let us discuss…

Picard 0103
The End is the Beginning


The episode opens with a flashback to Picard and Raffi (Michelle Hurd) at Starfleet HQ. Picard has just threatened Starfleet with — and thereafter tendered — his resignation, which leaves Raffi out of a job. I’m not familiar with Ms Hurd’s body of work, but I must point something out about her at this point: while she settles into her role quite quickly, her performance in this opening scene is a little suspect. Not a big issue, but one I must point out nonetheless.

In the “present” day, she and Picard discuss the prospect of Picard acquiring a ship so that he may find and save Dr Soji Asher from the Romulans’ looming clutches. After some struggling with grief and addiction, she puts Picard in touch with one Captain Chris Rios and his handy EMH (Santiago Cabrera; both roles, one with a quite excellent Irish accent).

I mentioned in one of my Discovery reviews that while I very much admire Picard, I would probably be more of a Lorca if I were ever to captain a starship. However, upon meeting Rios, it’s quite plain that I would be more like him. In my own take on Star Trek, I would have turned a man such as him into a reluctant captain, so I’m glad a character of his type exists in the series. His personal form of “medical care” is much up my response to being cut, too. I assume he’ll become one of my favourite characters sooner than later.

While Picard starts setting up his journey with the “expensive” Captain Rios, we are finally introduced to the director of the Borg Reclamation project. It’s our old friend Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco), who has adjusted to his life of freedom with some grace. He allows Soji to interview one of the “ex-Bs” (what a horrible name), Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky) — an expert in Romulan traditions, and the conversation which is sparked is rather an interesting one. Whether or not the ideas explored over the course of this interview will feature heavily in Picard is hard to tell, but I for one would like to see where these ideas could be taken.

When will “they” learn? One does not mess with the Picard.

Back on Earth, Picard and his friends are attacked by a Romulan strike team, and proving to me that these Zhat Vash ground forces are absolutely useless at their jobs. Dr Jurati arrives in the nick of time to save Picard from a straggler, and she insists on joining Picard’s plans to live out his life as a space pirate. The reason behind her insistence? Admiral Oh (who I shall forever after refer to as Admiral “Deal-With-It”) and her questions relating to Picard.
(And speaking of fashion… that was very Shinzon of Rizzo.)
(Also very biker of the Zhat Vash, as always.)

I like the fact that Zhaban and Laris get to Tal Shiar the Zhat Vash. I continue to wonder why the Zhat Vash are considered feared. Just send Laris and the “stupid Northerner” in and relax. The job will be done.

The editing in the episode is a little shoddy, but for the most part, The End is the Beginning is yet another strong episode in Picard‘s cap. The musical callbacks to Star Trek of yesteryore are heart-warming. The final “engage” is a long-awaited treat for us fans. A strong episode, for sure, but not a particularly memorable one. It’s all fair, though. We needed a little rest before heading out into space, the final frontier.

We will return with the Oscine Awards tomorrow. (I apologise if this review seems a little rushed, but there are many movies to discuss, and I only have so much time.)

Until then, LLAP.

— Crow out. 

Final Ratings

THE CROW: 6/10

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