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a team update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.

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Heyo everyone! Azure-Winged Magpie here! Just dropping by to share a few quick updates. We’ve been slowly reworking the backbone of The Corvid Review lately and there are a few things I should probably “announce” just to keep it on the record.

So you’re going to notice that the little bit at the top that used to say Reviews/Articles is now called Content Index. We thought that might help people find what they’re looking for quicker. The URL hasn’t changed, just the name on the header bar thing. It works the same as it’s always done. 

Next! Since we’ve done SO many Star Trek films now… we’ve moved the “Star Trek Review Hub” out of the “TV reviews” section and into the “Series Overview” section. And yup. I said Star Trek Review Hub. Not Star Trek: Discovery Review Hub. The URL has changed and it’s going to have a few more changes made to it to divvy things up better (whenever the Crow’s back with his Photoshop because we need pictures) but that’s the main page for ALL Star Trek things on The Corvid Review

Another tiny update is that our Marvel Cinematic Universe Review Hub has been updated! Yay! (I’d kinda forgotten about Ant-Man and The Wasp). I think that when Endgame comes around, we’ll move Infinity War and Endgame to the top cause they’re the two BIG Marvel films. And you know a Godzilla Hub’s joining them come April… Maybe we’ll have more Hubs in time. Who knows?! 

In other news… my bucket got rebranded like a month ago and this means some old links are broken around the site. We’ve kinda started our rewrites but we haven’t really gotten anywhere with them so far. We’ll fix those links while we crawl all the way back up to 2019. This is gonna take like forever, since we have more than a hundred and fifty (a hundred and fifty!!!) reviews up but we’ll get there. We’ll get there. At the rate we’re going… we’re going to hit the big two hundred soon

March is going to be a bit of a “normal” month for us once our Star Trek Celebration is done. Apart from Captain Marvel (and maaaybe Dumbo) we’re doing some older films and won’t be doing much about new releases. There are a few films we promised and never got around to, so keep your eyes peeled for those. We’re making up all of the films we promised (which is like… ten or something. idk)! The Crow’s got some surprises to drop on you which won’t really be reviews… but they’re really fun from what I can tell!

Oh oh! And before I forget! I made a fun post all ready to go for whenever we can’t post for a few days but didn’t actually use it in those few days this month when everything went quiet. Expect that soon! I know we were a little slow in February since I’ve been sick and the Crow’s halfway between “coping” and working on that HUGEBIG project of his (which is starting to look real good!) but I’m back on the ball now. Shouldn’t be any more real interruptions far as I go. I’m still holding off on the whole social media thing cause… yeeesh. But I’ll get around to posting soon! 

Anyway! That’s all for now! I’ll be back with Star Trek: Insurrection soonish! We’ve got only four Star Trek films left to go! And that means that we’ve only got two more episodes of Discovery to cover before our Star Trek Celebration is done!

Love you lot loads and see you in the next one!
Hugs and kisses! 

( ◡ )…?!

Azure-Winged Magpie up! Up! And Awayyy! *BONK!* 

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