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a review by the Azure-Winged Magpie.
(I really should’ve had a review up by today…)

Star Trek… Celebration?!

SO! Yeah. We’re not gonna make it.

(◕︿◕sorry folks…

I was supposed to do a post yesterday and on Saurday. But some things came up and we’re behind againBut it’s actually a good thing, cause it means I’ve got some early reviews lined up for March and everything! And because I brought up March… we’re probably gonna have something super special to show you at the end of the month. The Capn’s still zonked out over in London cause he spent 54 hours straight “sourcing data” for the HUGEBIG upcoming project he started working on three weeks ago. And here’s a tiny hint leading up to whatever it is he ends up with…

The Corvid Review - ITCLOS timecode error - Tsy8oD6
The number the .gif’s trying to hit is 120

But Magpie! You’re asking… What does that mean about Star Trek Month?! Are you cancelling it? Well yeah… but no. Y’know what?! I have the best answer for you!

Yup. We’re cancelling Star Trek Month. But it’s still on! We’re just calling it the Star Trek Celebration now!

🖖 ( ◡ ) !

And… funny thing is: we kicked Star Trek “Month” off on 17 Jan 2019, when Star Trek: Discovery came back (okay we had like two days of rounding up before then). So since Star Trek Month was always going to be more than an actual month long (and we hit other targets on the way too). So I thought… why don’t we just make it two months long? February’s a tiny month too! That way we can finish exactly what we promised ourselves (and you lot) when I first thought Star Trek Month up! 

We’re still reviewing the films like we were, but if we started doing a review a day, we weren’t gonna do such a good job of the reviews since we’ve got so much other things going on. So instead… we’re taking things slow and am I’m watching the films again instead of going in like I did with Generations. And just to make everything nice and official… here’s the list of all the Star Trek we’ve got coming up (colour coded and everything)! 

the corvid review - star trek month the magpie intro - veghade

🖖 ( ◡ ) !

  • Star Trek: First Contact (probs tomorrow)
  • Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Star Trek: Discovery S02E07 — Light and Shadows
  • Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Star Trek (2009 version)
  • Star Trek: Discovery S02E08 — If Memory Serves
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness

Everything listed after this will pop in whenever we get them done

  • Star Trek Continues [team]
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation S05E25 — The Inner Light
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S05E06 — Trials and Tribble-ations

These next two reviews are possible but not guaranteed

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation S06E10 & 11 — The Chain of Command [team]
  • Star Trek: Timelines

And that’s our list! And before I go… here’s one last thing.

Awards and Things

I heard that last night some folks somewhere ran an “awards ceremony” for the best films of 2018. Well I don’t know who these people are but I looked at their list and… OOF. Talk about playing it safe. I guess you people know where to look for the real list of the best films and TV from 2018 is right?

Well! If you don’t. I’ll leave a link riiight here… 

The 1st Annual Oscine Awards

See you lot next time! I’ve got some time-travelling cyborg zombies to catch! 

Azure-Winged Magpie up! Up! And Awayyy! *BONK!* 

the corvid review - star trek month video promo - yo8z1hl

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