a Team Update, by the Azure-Winged Magpie.
(11 days late LOL)!

Just look at what we I have! 

the corvid review - star trek month the magpie intro - veghade
IT’S ME!!!1!!11!!!


(❤◡❤) …yay!

So the Crow’s had this “project” in mind see? He’s been thinking about it a while and it’s gone up and down and all over the place. It was originally supposed to be something for our YouTube channel. Then that got dropped and I stopped hearing about it even though I wanted to do something for YouTube. And next thing I know… he’s working on something I wasn’t told about (I can’t give it away but I talked about it before)! 

And then he’s gone and stuck because he can’t draw. Well… I broke that streak.
He just needed his super secret ingredient is all. And… whoa. Whoa whoa whoa

So… I think some people can clock that I really don’t like showing up in public (like even my old Facebook and whatever never had pictures). I used to a long time ago but I don’t any more.
You thought the Crow was paranoid? Think again! I just don’t don’t don’t like it. There was a “thing” that happened (how I met the Crow actually) that put me off the whole public persona thing. And it’s a thing that keeps coming up cause life’s just like that.
(So [BLEEP] being public. Okay?) 

But whatever! Dopey was stuck! And he’s been going through a ton of [BLEEP] (like I haven’t…), so I warped in to give him a few assists after sickbay realised they COULDN’T HANDLE ME. And GUESS WHAT?! He figured out he messed up by not telling me! Every artist needs a muse amirite?! And I just proved I’m the muse to end ALL muses! 

So he needed to draw a figure. I helped him. And… whoa

The Corvid Review - The Azure-Winged Magpie Starfleet Painting - M6TruBR

And that was just the first picture. There were more. Like I said… the whole drawing bit was totally back and forth and up and down and everything all over the place. But I sent him what he needed and it all started to click for him (like I said… super ingredient)! 

And because of that… we’ve ended up with tons of new pictures! I liked the “animated” one the Crow did for me so much that I let him go and stick my face on there for me all anime-style (the one up here. But no it doesn’t move too much 😦 ). Heck… you can even switch it up and customise it and everything!
Just like Alitawink-wink

I may or may not have bullied him into doing these things…

And that meant… HE had to do one for himself, too! With a face and everything. Aaand… he went and got kebabed trying. It just turns out he doesn’t like drawing himself. (I thought self-portraits were a big thing)! 

So I let him go back to the “old” style (our Cap’n’s been drawing a LOT for this new project) and do us a new team picture even though I still LOVE the old one! 


And the reason I wanted a new picture is that the more I looked at the Crow’s side of it… I could tell that he’d botched it. So I had to let this one go (from the top). It’s still here and I’m still using it but it’s not going up on our banner no more. 

But then! He turned it around! It was a bit too late since our team picture was already done. But the Crow’s managed to do a pic with his face and everything (okay… it’s not finished but hey-hey)!

And about this new “project”… it’s really really big.

It sounds nuts but I love what the Crow’s got going on. So much that I started thinking about that whole being “public” thing. But more on all that some other time! 

Even though this picture down below’s our official “team picture” for Star Trek Month (he wanted stuff in the background but I liked the “foggy” feeling), there are lots of new pictures that are going to be poppin’ up and stuff while I start working on our HUGEBIG (new websitecough-cough) overhaul. 

The Corvid Review - 2019 Cover No Border final - xBbtvXT

So yeah… the Crow’s been total bae lately. He’s been going through some dark times. I’ve been going through some ouchie (in my tummy)! times and we’ve both just been a buncha moody sick teenagers moping around. But hey! At least we’re keeping The Corvid Review alive!

Each month’s getting better than the last and I’ve got a lot of reviews to get around to so I can close out Star Trek MonthSo it’s time I got back to work! Cap’n’s spending most of his time with this project he’s got and he’s only poppin in to keep the Discovery reviews going. But apart from that you’re going to be spending most of your time with me

Love you lot loads. I’ll be getting around to any messages I have when I get my actual laptop back up and running. Until then I’m still gonna be a bit in-n-out of WordPress like I have been for who knows how long.

And I might just be bringing some new friends with me…

Hugs and kisses

Azure-Winged Magpie up! Up! And Awayyy! *BONK!* 

the corvid review - social media banner - jjeccms

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