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a review by the Azure-Winged Magpie. Dragonrider (Night) Furiosa

Note: It’s been twenty days since I started writing this review… TWENTY!
I forgot about this one because of Star Trek Month! Aaaa!


I love the How To Train Your Dragon films! The Crow loves the How To Train Your Dragon films! Pickpocket the Sir loves the How To Train Your Dragon films! And boooooo because we haven’t done any of them on The Corvid Review yet! But hey! Here we are! Better late than never am I rite? 

This is how much each of us likes the series: 

  • Fan: The Crow
  • BIG Fan: yo
  • SuperMegaEPIC FAN: Pickpocket the Sir

Let me let the Crow explain just how Super Mega EPIC a FAN Pickpocket the Sir is: 

the corvid review - pickpocket and toothless - nxfyaae

So yeah! I zipped off to watch the film super-early. Like before I went and got… “sick“. And here we are with a spoiler-free review of the THIRD and FINAL film in the How To Train Your Dragon series!

Could this be a good trilogy? Could this be a series that actually goes three for three since the Avengers and the Dark Knight (I liked the third one. No matter what other people on here say)? Or am I gonna have to pull out my bucket?

Let’s find out what yours truly thought of… 

How Are These Dragons Not Trained Yet?

🐉 🚩 (ಠ ◡ 🐉 🚩


How To Train your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (or HTTYD3THW for short) is the latest film in the How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) film series. And it’s supposed to be the LAST one.

Hang on a mo… Do we still have “LAST ones”? Isn’t there a DrAGoN UnIVeRsE some suit somewhere’s already got on a list somewhere? Please tell me there isn’t. All I wanted for Christmas was the Monsterverse. But I got to ask a question before I go any further… how are these people STILL learning to train dragons?!

The film starts out with a “rescue mission”, where Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his band of buddies go and fetch some dragons from these bad people while Valka (Cate Blanchett) watches them and takes notes. And when they’re done… it’s off to Berk! (lololololol) 

So everyone and their folks are living happily ever after in Berk with their dragons and sheepies and everything. But here’s the thing: they’re getting so MANY dragons into Berk that there’s getting to be a bit of a population problem (I can think of an answer or maybe two…). But they’re still going around trying to catch ’em all!

I mean… serious. These winged-lizards are EVERYWHERE. Hiccup does this “intro to Berk” speech for the new dragons which gives us what we need to know. And guess what?! They brought back a Hob-Gobbler! They’re a baaad omen y’know? That’s what Gobber (Craig Ferguson) says anyway. 

All our favourite dragon riders Hiccup, Astrid (America Ferrera), the Nuts (Justin Rupple and Kristen Wiig), Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) Snoutlout (Jonah Hill), Eret (Kit Harrington), and co. are here (with some new faces too). But what’s important is that Toothless saw something… pretty out in the woods. 

And this pretty thing isn’t the only thing that finds our favourite vikings. 

Meet Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham). He’s a dragon killer who’s given the job to figure out how to get the Berk(lol)-ians out of the way by these evil Viking clans. And Grimmel’s actually a pretty cool villain. He thinks he’s the guy who’s doing the right thing (like the best villains do) and he’s pretty smart too. That second bit’s not that hard cause the Berkians aren’t really known for their smarts and all. I liked Bludvist (Djimon Hounsou) from HTTYD2, but I think I kinda like Grimmel a lot more. He’s not a Thanos or a Ghidorah though. He’s just a guy who’s really good at what he does for the paycheck. Also the scene where he shows up in front of Hiccup for the first time is sweet AF. 

The film’s got probably one of the “hostage and villain” scenes ever and some pretty good action, but NONE OF THAT’S IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW. HTTYD3THW has the sweetest sweetest story in it. Forget the folks. Forget Berk. Forget dragons vs humans and everything. What’s really going on here is the tiny story about Hiccup and Astrid getting hitched and the BIG story about Toothless and his bae. It’s also got the BEST drawing in the whole dragon universe to go with it! (OK. Maybe the second-best after this one).

I could just watch King Toothless and Queen Toothless-Bae dance around forever. What I thought was awesome was how much story they managed to get out of these two without even a bitty bit of dialogue. Now that’s got to be some A-class A-star film magicks going on there! Everything looks good like they always do in these films and the soundtrack’s still sweet. The “Hidden World” is cool and everything but we’re not really there for long. And the ending made me get all teary-eyed and melt into my seat (shoutout to the bloke next to me who handed me a handkerchief). This is the best ending we could get. I liked this one as much as I liked HTTYD2, which I liked as much as I liked HTTYD.

And there we go! This is one AMAZING trilogy. Go watch the others before this one comes out (for no real reason but just) so that you can really get into the Hiccup x Toothless friendship. That’s really what the films are about. HTTYD3THW is recommended recommended recommended by both of us (I’m stealing the Crow’s recommendation cause I know he’s gonna love this). Go watch it the second it comes out. 

We’re back to Star Trek Month next! In the meantime… I’m off to go make some delicious cake

Final Ratings


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We’ve also got a pretty big announcement coming up tomorrow or the day after so keep your eyes peeled for that. The Crow’s still off, but he’s gonna be throwing me a tiny little thing in the meantime.

Anyway! Until next time! 

Azure-Winged Magpie up! Up! And Awayyy! *BONK!* 


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