(I’m running two days behind with this announcement, but better late than never.)

First, A Birthday Announcement

This one’s for the Azure-Winged Magpie: 


We might’ve had some recent differences, we might’ve split some feathers over the last few months, you might’ve nearly stuck me with a [REDACTED] that one time, but we’re still a team. So, here’s to you, Number One! 
Don’t get too langered, now. You’re back to work this week. 
Hope you get sober soon. We have work to do. Your picture should be with you soon. 

A News Update

We’ve both been away and busy with work. It’s been a rough couple of months, and we’ve not been very active. 

That said, we’re officially back. The reason behind us not making much noise lately is that I’ve been away for a long, long time. The first thing that’s on the checklist is ensuring that our authors (many of whom haven’t yet received their contracts, yet) are compensated and their stories are up on the blog. Following that, I’ll be polishing off my Star Trek: Discovery reviews while the A-W Magpie finishes up her (yet to exist) Marvel round-up. 

Between us, considering that our actual jobs will still require a good chunk of our time up until late July, I think that’s all we can promise up until August. And following that: we’re going to return to our regularly scheduled programming. 
Considering this year has little left for us in terms of movies we both want to see, we’ll probably just fall back on reviewing older works that we think deserve a keen corvid eye given to them. 

I’ve had to type this out on my phone, so my image-fu is low, today. I’ll fix it up when I’m back on an actual computer. 

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