a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.

Chirp-chirp and Chatter-chatter, everyone!

We’ve had a lot of things to get through. Beaks were broken and feathers were shed, but we have a long-awaited announcement right here, right now!

It’s FINALLY time!



TCR r writing Call for Submissions

So, we’ve not logged in to our Submissions portal for some time. While we have some authors to get back to, I decided to hold us off for a bit. We’re going in twos right now until we get our last rewrites back (we messed up a few of them — sorry, folks!).


We’re happy to announce that we have our first two authors signed on (and about to be given extra-super special Magpie dollars as soon as I sort my shiny-thing piggy-bank out).

We’re so, SO, SO proud to host these two stories. The Crow’s almost finished fixing up the artwork (it’s so LOVELY!) and we have super-secret dates set up for their publication.

And they are:

The Lighthouse by JOE BUTLER (London, UK)


The Third Time Around by CHARLES ARTHUR (Beckley, West Virginia, USA)

Note: Charles recently lost his father. I would like to offer our sincere condolences to Charles on behalf of all of us at The Corvid Review and all of our associates. Losing someone close to you is never easy, please let us all keep Charles and his family in our thoughts.



We’re coming up to both Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi (which I get to watch early!), and a HUGE roundup of the films we missed this year (that’s on me). We’re not going to be doing much this month, since the Crow’s back to his weird physics and I’m moving towns in a few days.

And we’ve got something… that we did naaat. We did naaat! …watch coming up in a mo!

But apart from all that… I’m probably going to sum my leftover reviews up in one MEGApost, since there’s no way I can do them all one-by-one, and fix up our schedule. Any missed promised posts we’ve left lying about will be done, one way or another.And that’s a Magpie promise!

Well, with all that out of the way, I guess I should sign off for a few days.

And hey… wouldn’t you look at that?! It’s Monday! Don’t drink not-responsibly(me? Never!hic!) and have fun, you lot!


— Azure-Winged Magpie up, up, and AWAYYY!bonk!

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