a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.
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Chatter-chatter, everyone!



So, we’ve been talking about these for some months, now.

As we come closer and closer to publishing the first of our short stories, we’ve decided to give some our “new” posts a test-run ’round here parts. We’ve spent a lot of time trying out various features on WordPress and now we know what works and what doesn’t. And as it happens, a lot of what we wanted to do is either impossible, or too much of a hassle on our current platform.

With that in mind, the Crow has started work on a shiny new starship for us — one that’s been in dry dock for some time, and one that’ll fly under our very own banner. But don’t you worry! We’re not jumping ship! What we’re looking to do is to hybridise our new home with The Corvid Review. This blog will carry on just as it has, just a bit faster (and more explosive!) than usual.

In any case, nothing’s going to change any time soon. (Shiny new starships take time to build, y’know?)

The Corvid Review - Call for Submissions (6) - The Team

So, let me tell you about what these “new posts” are going to include:

  • The Corvid Calls: 

I was going to keep this one tucked under my wing (I totally don’t have human trinkets under there. Oh no.), but the hell with it. These are going to be text conversations in which we talk about life, the universe, and everything. This was the biggest hurdle to our previous drive for new content, but we’ve got a pretty interesting workaround that we’re going to try out, soon.

  • Articles: 

Some months ago, we ditched our rigorous review format, and while we’ll keep to it for the most part, we’re going to start expanding into Articles about films and other things. These won’t be reviews, or “Thoughts”-posts, but rather true-blue articles which analyse a specific part of a film without regard for spoilers.

  • Video games: 

This one’s going to be my home. And yes, we do have one already, as well as a preview article. But I’m going to be expanding this section with a good number of posts. They won’t be too in-depth, and won’t follow our usual format. I’ll just review them as I see fit. And here’s an early-bird warning to the lot of you: expect horror. Lots and lots of horror.


And finally…

  • Recipes: 

Yup. You heard me right.


You think I’m joking? No, peeps. I never joke about food. While I’m not going to be submitting many of these, the Crow’s going to drop in some recipes now-and-then in case you get hungry while reading our amazing posts.

We’re going to shoot Hell an email soon, when the Crow’s finished writing it up, we’ll drop our first-ever recipe. Click here to see her last twist on our tale.

So, that’s our roundup for our “new” posts. Expect a few test runs next week as we finish up the posts we’d originally set-up for these new categories (well, except for video games). I have a bit of a tall order set ahead of me as I need to finish my TV-show batch-reviews of Berserk and Black Mirror while also tackling this month’s horror films. But hey! I’ve got time on my wings! I should be able to leave the Crow to our short stories and keep you all company in the meantime. I really, really also want to do one of the Star Trek: Discovery episodes. Maybe I’ll get to chance this week’s if no one’s looking.

Well, with all that out of the way, I guess I should sign off for this week. And hey… wouldn’t you look at that?! It’s Friday! Drink responsibly(me? Never!hic!) and have fun, you lot!


— Azure-Winged Magpie up, up, and AWAYYY!bonk!


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    1. Oh, hohoho! You’ll see! (Once we’re both sober again…)


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