xa Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie!

Wooo! It’s our Happy-fucking-Birthday (well, a bit behind with this one)!


Don’t you lot miss us?! Big shoutouts to the original co-writer the Raven and our other team members: the Swan(!), the Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings, and the Brown-Necked Raven!

Our Ceremonial Sir also turned 12, recently, as I’ve been told.

And then we have the Captain, the Crow. Between rushing with our short story entries, battling his random infection with his mate the Cat, and dealing with a creepy stalker, he deserves a bit of love as well.

And then we come to the much-loved, most-adored member of the crew… The ever-hilarious, the ever-entertaining, the ever-fucking foul-mouthed-and-drunk-off-her-fucking-face: ME! The Azure-Winged Magpie!
You lot know you love me us(!) to bits!

Time for the lot of us to have a lot of cake and drink and shit, whichever country we might be in (it’s Sunday!).

In the meantime, I’ll leave you lot with a few bits of our Bridge-Crew DNA:

Love, from the Crow’s spiritual ancestor (RIP)

Love, from the Azure-Winged Magpie’s (just-discovered!) distant relative!

2 thoughts on “ Update!: Happy 1st Birthday to the Corvid Review! [2017] ”

    1. Yes there is! We’re still battling some of the entries and rewrites and things, but we’re coming close to an official announcement.

      Congratulations again! Sorry we’ve been dragging our feet. We’ve both been away due to personal reasons, but we’re back in the nest now!

      You should have an email (and monies!) sent to you soon. The Crow and I are slowly getting back to regularly posting, and there are a good number of lucky individuals to be notified soon alongside you!

      And I don’t think I ever extended my personal review to you. Here it is:
      “I love this one to bits 😥 ”
      You jerked a tear out of even my cold heart. I loved every bit of your story.

      Liked by 1 person

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