Usually, it’s the Azure-Winged Magpie who posts these, but today is her special day.

(I didn’t have long to throw together a decent picture and what I ended up with was, well… I’ll replace our placeholder as soon as I one. Sorry for the delay, Magpie!)


It’s been great to have her join the team. She’s exactly who I was looking for when revamping the blog around December. So I’m going to hand her a big THANK YOU for all her help since those bleak times. Working on The Corvid Review over these past few months has been a blast thanks to the A-W Magpie!

Who’d have thought it? Three years since we stopped working together, we’d team up so well on such a completely different project?


We do make a fine team.

I’d have given her tomorrow off, but considering it sounds like she’s only a few top-shelf glasses from paralytic, I doubt she’d understand what I’m trying to say.

But here’s what’s important:


And here’s the best thing about the next ten months:
You can’t call me an ‘old’ crow anymore 🙂

6 thoughts on “ Team Update: A very happy Birthday to the Azure-Winged Magpie! [2017] ”


    All these big nice words…

    SOME DOPEY OLD CROW was doing his best to make sure of something, wasn’t he?!

    I know what you were up to!

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