a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.

The wickedly-talented Hell at Dark Food to Die For (@eatthedead.com) has forged another marvellously twisted creation! While we’ve been busy with reading and such, she’s been busy toiling away creating Hell’s Fury Curry Rolls for the world to despair over! and lick their lips afterwards!

(ಠ ‿ ಠ)

Massive shout-out to her and her mysterious ways! These Chinese-Indian pieces of scrumptiousness might just kick your rear to Lucifur, the Lord of Barkness’ Unholy Throne, eat your soul in His Unholy Presence, and spit out your spirit-bones.

But the temptation of the deliciousness knows no bounds. When these rolls are sat in front of you, steaming the aroma of their many luscious spices and ingredients, will you be able to resist?

I guarantee you… hear you me: you won’t.

Based partly on the Indian Chicken 65, and partly on Chinese cuisine (Hell’s innovation at work!), these rolls will be the gorgeous death of you! They’ll be the middle-birds who’ll sell your soul to me the Devil on your behalf!


In a few days, the Crow’s going to grant you the alchemical secrets of Chicken 65, so that you might one day be able to tear out the flesh of this beastly creation and drink in its raw flavours once you’re already half-cut with the deliciousness these rolls tempt you with.

And for those of you who are unwilling to join the omnivore Master-Race, we’ll add in some vegetarian options as well!

Spoiler: tofu/mushrooms is what you’re looking at.
Yes plz. The Crow made these for me once. He won many brownie points.

And while you wait, why not look over the amazing Hell’s gallery of Dark Food to Die For (plus bonuses, like the awesome Necro Craft series)?!

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