a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.

TCR r writing Call for Submissions

We’ve both just soldiered our way through the first day of entries (the Brown-Necked Raven is on break until Monday, but he’ll be catching up as pronto-rific as he can!). And we’ve received some we absolutely love so far!

We’ve got a few to work through, still, but you lot keep those submissions coming in!

Far as the announcement part of this post goes: here are some minor details on what to expect when we get back to you:

  • Disqualified entries will receive a form rejection.
  • From what we gather so far, we might have to ask for rewrites for certain entries. If you fall into this bracket, we’ll point out what we think could be done better. We want your writing to be the best it is, and would be glad to work with you to get it there.

We’ll try our best to get back to everyone who wasn’t disqualified. And for some of the stories we’ve received already, we’re holding back on getting back to you (I threw my money at the screen for one — not a word of a lie).


Currently, I’m still stuck with my Alien: Covenant review (been this way for 8 days and all!); and like me, the Crow’s a bit busy with other things apart from helping me with the incoming entries, but he should be coming around with his Hellstar Remina review (which I challenged him to do!), soon. Both reviews should hit the blog within the next few days.

Sorry we’re behind schedule!

We might have some random posts that go up in the meantime, though!

The Brown-Necked Raven is going to throw in an assist with a series review of The Thin Blue Line as well, so we’re not all vanished.

Good luck to our entrants! And to both our entrants and our readers: we love you lot!


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