a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.


So… we’ve been playing around with a few ideas about where we’re going with this. The Crow’s still kinda out of the game for the moment but as you can plainly see, he’s still writing. From the looks of things. With the films we’ve got in store for the rest of the month… we’re not going to be as busy as we have been lately (I mean seriously: just look at how many posts we’ve written over the last few weeks. I’d have been surprised if we’d done even half of this number.)

I’m having a horrible time with Kong: Skull Island. And the Crow’s tackling the main part of our Shin Gojira review. So it looks like things will slow down around here. Real-life work’s also not being nice to us right now.

(U _ U)


Even though we’re having a rough time with producing content. We ARE continuing to improve the experience you lovely readers will have on our blog. Gone will be the stock-image headers and banner. Gone will be my random Magpie portrait. And soon, when the cosmic entities align… Gone will be the .wordpress that follows our name!

We’ll be rolling out a host of new content not to do with film reviews or anything like that. It’s still early days. But plans are in motion for something much more sinister. As a matter of fact. I want to roll out one of our new posts Sunday. But the Crow doesn’t think it’s time for it yet…

Anyway. You lot take care and be good.



(♥ )!

The Crow came out of ‘painting-retirement’ and drew me a new display picture! It looks total gaw-juss so far!

So… here’s my own drawing of us two as a team as a return-gift!:

the Crow and the Azure-Winged Magpie

Hey… it’s the best I can do. Took me an hour and all (WHO SAYS PAINT AIN’T GOOD?!). That man’s going to make us (read: me) look so fucking awesome!

But… for now. IMMA TAKE OVER!


I knew I had to push the git!

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