a Team Update by the Azure-Winged Magpie.


Hello! hello!

How’ve our lovely readers been?

We’ve both had a lot of trouble over writing about the new Ghost in the Shell film. But we’ve finally got the review up!


We did it! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! 



Now… I’ve run out of ideas about the films I should review. And the Crow is just as out as I am (and he’s still running at under 25% power). So we’re very happy to announce that we’ll be falling back onto something a little easier and more consistent for the coming month.

I recently found a huge crate full of short films (available for free online and all!) that we’re going to share between us (we already done two). But…! We can’t just do short films.

So… Gojira it is! I’m a fan. He’s a fan. I was meant to do Kong: Skull Island (been a few good weeks and everything) before we finished Ghost in the Shell. But I just couldn’t get the post done. (I’ll get to my problems with writing it in my upcoming post.)

From what I’ve been told… his mum’s basically the Gojira of crows, and I’m kind of a mini-Gojira myself (when I start a-stompin’, ain’t noone stops me!). So that got me thinking…


Kong v Gojira: Dawn of Monsters?! Is that what they’re going for?! How would Donkey Kong even have a chance?! I vote ATOMIC BREATH! Done. Dusted. Monkey.fried!

And yes. I’m calling him a monkey because of that line from the film.

Imagine that: Atomic Fried Monkey (yum! I’m patentin’ dat shit!).

It was bad enough with the general version of the lovable-squishy Gojira/Godzilla. But the 2014 version doesn’t really give us much space to give to old boy Kong. I mean okay. They’re obviously going to team up and fight King Ghidorah. But they’re going to fight at least once before that.

Anyway… the 2014 Godzilla left both of us feeling a little letdown. So the other night, we sat down watched the latest entry in the original film series. And OHHH BOY! We got to theorise and split feathers!


I wanted to drop this one down as a surprise on you lot, but I just have to announce this because I’m so fucking pumped for this shit!


In other news.. Apart from short films and Gojira posts, we’ll be switching to series overviews and ‘thoughts’ articles for the time being (as well as a few of our new shiny experimental posts!) until we start building up to Dunkirk.

We’ll still keep posts coming at you as rapid as possible. We want this blog to be a success simply because we’re putting quite a bit into it (and thank you to our long-term readers! We love how you guys keep coming back!)

Now to address a minor issue that keeps coming back over and over:

I might write things that seem a bit… childish, at times. But that’s the base dynamic I had in mind when I started out. In character, the Crow’s the proper gent and I’m the nutty one. But I get the feeling I should tone things down a bit unless talking about films like Muck.

Coming soon!

Recently, some of you might’ve caught wind of my “stalker”. Holy shit. I was going to ignore him until he went away. Sorry for all that awkwardness.

Anyway… I was going to publish a very different post tomorrow/today. But by the time this post is up, I’ll have finished it. I was going to write a Series Overview of the MonsterVerse because I was having trouble writing that Kong: Skull Island review. I ended up writing a full-on Godzilla review instead. So… I guess I’ll have to find a way to do a Kong review all by itself.

And to those of you who frequent us… we might not be as active on WordPress as we’d like to be, but we do love you! Shoutouts to all of our followers!

Anywhoo… AWM out!

Boom shakalaka!


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