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Opeth Wallpapers, you say?

–the Crow, 2016

Okay, so ever since the Swan(!) and I went to see Opeth some months ago, and I customised that image up there in the header specifically for the event review, something odd’s struck me.

Apart from one album review (Sorceress), and one gig review (Opeth at the SSE Arena, Wembley), we’ve not done any posts related to music or events related to music.

While the plan is for The Corvid Review to eventually become many things, it was originally meant for movies and books (I mean, don’t you see the absolute tons of book reviews we’ve done?!sigh…), those two posts have completely blown up.

Now, that’s all well and expected. After all, gig reviews are always welcome, are they not? But what it’s left us here on The Corvid Review with is a bit funny, to be honest with you. From what I’ve gathered according to the best records WordPress can provide me with, most people find us (somehow) by looking for the search strings “Opeth 1920×1080” and “Opeth Sorceress Wallpaper”.

And, on a side note…


There’s our top 5 searches of 2017 so far. See number 3, there?

Exactly why is that a popular search string? And why are we receiving hits so often from that search string?! (Oh, Magpie, what have ye done?!)

Moving on…

Unfortunately, most of our images on the two Opeth posts I mentioned up there are mostly sourced from the internet. The only custom image is that header I threw together as quick as I could.

Around the time all of this was happening, someone was out and about on the internet looking for Opeth wallpapers. I took a look, realised that there wasn’t much out there at the sizes he’d been looking for, and decided to help him out. So, I made a few. And to be honest (while I thought they were kind-of shit), people seemed to like them.

Now, since people end up on The Corvid Review looking for terms like “Opeth 1920×1080”, it’d be a damn shame if we couldn’t deliver on that promise. So, here are the wallpapers I made at the time (lost the original Photoshop documents, so I can’t re-do them, sorry!). They’re sourced from screenshots and free-to-use images from the web, with some editing thrown in. I still don’t think they’re spectacular, but if you think they’ll work for your phone, feel free to use them. I don’t own any of this shit, to be fair.

WALLPAPER #1 | Opeth Eternal Rains Will Come Wallpaper


iPhone (1440 x 2560)

WALLPAPER #2 | Opeth Generic Forest Wallpaper (+ variants)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


(1280 x 1440)

WALLPAPER #3 | Opeth Sorceress Wallpaper

(there’s only the one, lol)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)

WALLPAPER #4 | Opeth The Wilde Flowers Wallpaper (+ variants)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


iPhone (1440 x 2560)

WALLPAPER #5 | Opeth Ghost Reveries Wallpaper


iPhone (1440 x 2560)


(1280 x 1440)

And those are all the wallpapers I’ve made so far!

Most are for the iPhone because that’s what was requested. They clock in at 1400 x 2560, and there are two variants at 1280 x 1440.



Yeah, I know, I know. There’s no 1920 x 1080 wallpaper, yet.

I just never made one, is all. I did these mostly because someone was looking. I ended up losing the files, just like I lost all my artwork some years ago (which I’ve never done anything proper after), but not so crushing.

However, now someone (the internet!) is asking. Who am I to say no?

This post will be an ongoing project. Any and all wallpapers I make from now on out, I’ll update here. Next one up will be a 1920 x 1080, as so commonly sought.

Until then, let me leave you with the full-resolution version of that image from up-top:

Click to enlarge

And on top of all that, while I can’t promise anything, requests are welcome as long as I think I can pull them off. If not, well, sorry.

Hope you enjoy the wallpapers, and to those of you still ending up here via those search strings, hope you found something to your liking until my next update goes live!

(And please, please, please, I want there to be a new 3rd-best search term. Please!)


– Crow out.

WALLPAPER #6 | Opeth Pale Communion Wallpaper

The Corvid Review - Pale Communion - WQaepyi

iPhone 10s (1125 x 2436)

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