Hello! hello!

You might’ve noticed that we’ve changed our look again. The reason behind it is this: on the theme we were using up until tonight, it seems that there was no way to have a dark background as well as have every alternating comment actually be visible.

It got annoying enough to the point that we decided to revert to the design we temporarily tried out before settling on our last one (even though neither of us are happy about the whole gold thing). What we’re trying to provide right now though is functionality. We’re a text-based blog. It makes no sense to be flashy just for the sake of it. While it sure helps, we’re trying to optimise getting our ideas out to you before all else (baes!).

It also helped us make up our minds about something we’ve been debating for some time now. And I think it’s best I at least put it out there a little ahead of time.

Off in his little corner of the internet… the Crow’s working on our new shiny homegrounds! It’s still some distance away, so no major changes will happen to The Corvid Review right now. But in the coming months, while we figure out the best way to migrate, nothing’s going to happen to The Corvid Review. And nothing’s going to happen to it even when we do migrate.

In time maybe this blog will close its doors. But until we know that we’ve left the right kinds of notes for you all to find our new home… we’ll be happy to have you.

Anywhoo… AWM out!


Update: Just dropped in a new theme. This is a nice ol’ classic looking one. I think it just might just stick!

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