Behind the scenes at The Corvid Review, the Magpie and I have been hard at work at a slew of new content. We’ve not watched all that much, lately, and are still working though some personal issues. However, we have a few things to announce:

After much tinkering with the Customiser over our past few meetings, we’ve finally settled on a new look! Now, far as we can tell, this change doesn’t affect our previous posts all that much, and that makes us very happy. However, if you do find any awkwardness in the formatting of our past posts, please let us know!

We’ve also been discussing certain changes to how we do things. Between us, we’ve been kind of passing The Review between us month-on, month-off, and have been quite casual about the state of affairs on this blog. While the numbers are (surprisingly!) coming in nicely, this is something we’d like to take a little more seriously, and need to get our act straight.

At this point, we’re going to keep things the way they are, but with a few minor changes.


The first change is that we’re sticking to the sort of schedule we used to follow in November, with at least three posts to go up a week regardless of whatever happens, with the duties shared between us.

The second change is basically that I finally go from being the little quality-control tyrant that I am to a full-blown dictator. This is mostly to keep the Magpie’s sometimes… well, “colourful” language in check. In exchange for these powers, she’s free to post certain reviews of her choosing that I have so far been unhappy with as long as they pass the quality check (I’ll allow her some jokes here and there).

Third: we’re also going to start branching out into certain “non-review” posts outside of the “Thoughts” and the “Team Updates” posts. In these, we’ll be talking about a variety of things, and won’t be following the typical format that we use for our reviews.

Now, with the changes done, let’s move on to some other things I want to talk about regarding the future of our little enterprise.


One thing we’ve been discussing lately is how to best re-structure The Corvid Review (as I mentioned earlier). One of the propositions made was to migrate our efforts elsewhere. We’ll still be the same people, and continue our plans for eventual world domination, but with a very different approach. I’m going to call the idea currently proposed as the “TAR project”, but until we discuss what we have planned so far, The Corvid Review will continue to flap on as it always has.

Whatever the case, we’ll figure something out, and are going to take our work as seriously as we can from here on out. Now, what do we have planned for you coming up? Well, we still haven’t completed our schedule (still working out how to fit the blog into our daily lives), but here are some reviews likely to show up over the next few weeks:



  • Berserk 2016 Part 2 [2016]
  • Event Horizon [1997]
  • La La Land [2017]
  • Muck (with the Crow!) [2015]
  • 君の名は (Kimi no Na wa)/Your Name [2016]

So, that’s a lot to go over. And we’re likely not going to hit all of those all at once. We’re still going to be settling into the new flow of things for some time (and I still owe the Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings a long-overdue blog post, which I really should get around to writing). For now, I’ll be handing the keys over to the Azure-Winged Magpie and let her make her grand comeback to the blog.

You all take care, and be good.

– the Crow

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