2016’s scorecard by the the team.
(ft. the Crow and the Azure-winged Magpie!)

So 2016 was an… interesting year. The Corvid Review kicked off, for one, but for all intents and purposes, it looked like it was going to be a bad year for movies. And it oddly wasn’t.

There were movies that reaffirmed our faith in film-making, movies that sucked absolute cock, and movies which held their own in the mad, mad year of 2016.

All that considered, here’s both the top 10 movies of the year according to reviews here on The Corvid Review, and by way of our personal judgement.



The Crow’s Top 10 according to The Corvid Review are:


Now, those of you who know me will know that I don’t always review every single thing I’ve watched immediately. In light of that, here’s my completely subjective list based on the movies I have watched this year (but not necessarily reviewed):

  • Agassi/The Handmaiden (an absolute masterpiece; Park Chan-wook and his team continue to shine. This is the sort of movie that’ll be revered years down the line.)
  • The Neon Demon (criminally underrated; NWR does a great job with this movie; again, this is the sort of movie that’ll be talked about as the years go by.)
  • The Nice Guys (what a ride! This movie’ll throw you back to a kind of cinema you’ve not seen in a long, long time.)
  • Silence (review sometime soon!)
  • Arrival (one of the best –albeit slightly flawed– SF movies in recent years)
  • Your Name (review sometime soon!)
  • Captain America: Civil War (should’ve been Avengers [Assemble] 2 – one of the best comic-book movies ever, I dare say!)
  • La La Land (review sometime soon! Who’d have thought I’d put a bleeding musical so high up?!)
  • Deadpool (not the best movie out there, but a solid attempt at breaking the formula)
  • Hush (possibly the best slasher movie out there since Saw; that one glaring flaw aside, this movie is near-perfect)

And… that’s my list!



Agassi/The Handmaiden, hands down. As always, Park Chan-wook knocks the ball out of the park (no pun intended cough!) Read all about it in The Corvid Review’s article regarding the movie. This movie is both a visual and storytelling masterpiece, and a must-watch far as I’m concerned.



Jem and the Holograms would’ve won this, if it hadn’t been released in 2015 (and I, like a numptie, hadn’t completely missed that fact). So… this year’s turkey unfortunately goes to Ghostbusters. I was excessively harsh on it in my review, but my points stand. Out of the movies I’ve watched this year, Ghostbusters takes a good portion of the turkey.

Sorry people, your movie sucks.



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is probably the biggest disappointment of the year. It’s impossible for me to go through this movie’s shortcomings without diving into a full post (and most of my thoughts are in the review as-is). What a bleeding disappointment.

And that’s me for now.

What do you think about the year’s movies?




Hey-hey! I’m back bitchuz. I’m still a noobie on this blog so I don’t have a full list of posts to score (especially since I’ve only done the one film from this year). But…! Imma list out my top 5 for the year anyways. Here goes:

Boom! Done!



Your Name is the best film of the year. I’m reviewing this one soon (hopefully with the Crow). And it’s as awesome as I say it is.



So annoyed with this film. Such a great concept. Such shitty delivery.



Although the Raven’s not as active on The Corvid Review, here is what we have from her so far as far as the year’s movies are concerned (sorted by score):



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